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Why do we do this?

1 million realized employee and customer improvements!

The PDCAS circle© for proven results

Many employee and customer satisfaction surveys are too abstract for employees and/or team leaders due to an excess of correlations and analyses. With Rate’s platform, employees and leaders can add their own questions that are relevant to the context and practice of the team.

Result: The feedback is maximally aligned with the team’s practice, which significantly increases team engagement and leads to improvements.

The application also optionally supports teams step by step after conducting a measurement using the plan/do/check/act/share method. This method is aimed at measuring and improving systematically.

Of course, we also provide centralized measurements. From designing questionnaires to performing (data) analyses, creating reports, and providing advice.

The PDCAS model, for proven results

Our 3 customer promises

Guaranteed improvement!

Rate's application & our 'We Care, We Share success program' supports organizations and teams in the entire process. From measurement to guaranteed sharing of improvements!

10 years of experience in measuring employee

10 years of experience in measuring employee, customer, and quality topics. Everything is centralized in 1 system with high user-friendliness and fully ISO and NEN certified.

Improvement at team level

Teams and managers are provided with their own dashboard. Experience complete insight into employee and/or customer feedback results with optional 'We Care, We share' improvement and goal board.

"Measuring and Evaluating with Guaranteed Improvements!" is an application platform that supports organizations in measuring and improving on employee-customer themes and improvement processes. The platform uses AI technology and can be widely used, from one-time (pulse) measurements to organization-wide measurements in various areas such as:

Employee satisfaction, retention and absenteeism, employee onboarding process measurements, company culture scans, 360 competence measurements, participant and customer satisfaction, complaint management, incident reporting, innovation sprints, general feedback, and other KPIs.

The platform is designed to help organizations at every step of the improvement cycle (p/d/c/a/s). From planning and conducting a measurement to realizing improvements and taking actions.

All of this is based on the proven plan/do/check/act/share circle©. Additionally, offers customers a guaranteed ‘We Care, We Share success program and methodology©’, which means “No improvements, money-back guarantee!”

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