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Rate helps organisations to start with improving with feedback.

Listening, that’s what healthcare is all about. Listen to your patients and clients with CareRate. 

We want the healthcare all over the world to improve by using continuous feedback. We do this by focussing on what is already going really well. This way, every employee, client and patient will be really seen and heard.

More guests, by knowing where they are coming back for. Find out with DineRate.

Way more than just feedback. EduRate helps educators and academies to continuously improve.

Daily updates on what’s happening in your teams and municipality is done with GovRate.


We work together with the working field to better focus their activities on their end-user! We do this by focusing on what is already going very good in an organization. This means that every employee, customer, patient or client feels heard and involved. We facilitate the transition from ‘old-school’ long-term satisfaction surveys, to continuous improvement by daily listening.

What makes Rate unique?

Rate is unique because we focus on improvement that is easy to share. Thanks to our pearl diver program and the fact that our software has been developed in cooperation with the end users, we ensure that the improvement processes actually deliver results. Because employees can now look what employees / customers / patients / clients value at other departments, they can learn from each other, apply it themselves and immediately measure how this change is valued. As a result, departments are able to improve very rapidly in a cyclical way with the help of their own feedback (Plan-Do-Check-Act and Share!).


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“Dive up the pearls of organizations and let them shine.” – CareRate