The Rate Platform

The evaluation and improvement platform

For every type of employee or customer evaluation is the evaluation and improvement platform with which you can shape every type of employee or customer evaluation according to your own information needs, at the team or organizational level.

The Rate platform also optionally supports step by step in the improvement process after a measurement (plan/do/check/act/share). Achieve valuable improvements with the help of our beautiful improvement boards (powered by AI), goal boards, and the improvement power monitor that provides clear insight into the entire improvement process per team.

If you want to continuously measure and also ensure improvements in your organization, we offer a ‘We Care, We Share Success Program’ for this. With this, you go through the entire PDCAS method using our platform, ensuring that improvements are achieved in your organization.

What suits you?

We distinguish 3 levels of measurement & improvement:

1. Start Quickly & Easily

If you want to quickly and easily identify the strengths and bottlenecks of the quality and/or well-being of employees and customers, offers a basic subscription (plan/do/check). With this, you can easily collect evaluations and results via the dashboard and then view them in real-time at the managerial, team, and organizational levels.

2. From Knowing to Improving

Organizations with high staff shortages, where quality cycles are important, and that want to follow up on measurements in a structured way, perfectly match the standard (plan/do/check/act) offer. Professionals and teams within an organization have their own dashboard, goal board, compliment board, and improvement board. This allows you to see how many evaluations have led to the number of improvements. You also gain insight into the improvement power of your managers and the organization!

3. The Key to Engagement - Sharing = Caring

Organizations that want to complete the improvement circle with the help of the PDCAS© model are additionally supported with the ‘Share’ module. Evaluating creates an expectation. By sharing results, people see that their evaluation matters! Evaluating and improving is an ongoing process that leads to demonstrable improvements. Sharing these improvements internally and externally strengthens the engagement of employees and customers.

Sharing results offers incredibly many beautiful opportunities!
By sharing improvements internally and externally, you put words into action. Internally, employees are prouder of their organization, more motivated, and extra involved in moving the organization forward! Achieved results can also be shared externally via widgets and posters, bringing customers closer to your organization.
Extra Possibilities advanced (plan/do/check/act/share) offers extra possibilities. From 1 on 1 reply, online widgets of compliments, NPS scores of realized improvements to the plug and play creation of Infographics to share offline & online.

With this, you give everyone the evidence;

“Look, my feedback matters!”

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