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De Waalboog

We have collected about a hundred areas for improvement with CareRate, and the teams have taken action on them! Many teams also received a lot of positive feedback. That pride is motivating.

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De Wijngaerd

Where previously we mainly got stuck at making plans, we now complete the entire improvement cycle plan/do/check/act in the areas of employee and customer satisfaction, quality audits, and PREM, and we share our improvements.

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UMC Utrecht

We were looking for an application for the entire organization because, as UMC Utrecht, we wanted to consistently gather and utilize short-cycle patient and employee feedback as a sustainable improvement tool.

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Realistic and relevant feedback emerges throughout the organization, allowing improvements to be embraced organization-wide and implemented immediately in practice.

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How do you experience our care? How can we better meet your wishes and needs? Since the beginning of this year, we have been inviting patients to share their experiences with us more often. Not through lengthy satisfaction surveys, but through short online questions focused on the daily care you receive from us.

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